Now a Website! Why?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple, Bandcamp and on and on....these are all the things an independent artist has to manage on a daily basis. All this promotion and interaction, spruiking and positioning, pitching, conversing, managing, arranging, updating uggh! It can be mind numbing and time consuming, and I just want to make and play music!! But these are all necessary if you want people to hear your music and being independent means doing everything yourself. So on top of all that why create a website? Glad you asked! Well if some credible record label, promo company or management company came along and said, "hey we'll do all that for you, you just go away and make music" , I would jump at the chance. Through my research and interactions with industry people, I have been convinced that a website is still the go-to place for such people. It is far easier for them to view your brand and then if they like, branch off to other links directly from the one place, rather than wasting time hunting through various social media pages. It also states that "hey, I am serious here, I am not messing around"!  In other words, it's professional! It also means that I don't have to saturate my social media accounts, which can be annoying to those who are not interested! I can be more direct and specific, and more selective about what content I place on each social media platform. This is a place for people wanting to know more in a convenient way, but also a place for those who truly like what I do, true fans! Sometimes on social media, I feel like I am pushing myself onto people, which I dislike, I am not a pushy person with a "hard sell" attitude, never have been. So here is where those who are truly interested come to me, to be apart of what I do, to sign up for the mailing list, to want to be involved. I hope you can be one of them!! 

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