1. The One

Composed by Leigh Thomas

Leigh Thomas-Vocals, Guitars
Sam Thomas-bass, Synth
Geoff Barnes-Drums
Produced by Sam Thomas
Mastered by Joe Carra
Artwork by Leigh thomas


I used to think I could do it on my own
Stand by myself and walk alone
A little high a little dry
But the seeds were sown

Such a feeble harvest I would reap
It didn’t fill me up it never tasted sweet
Until you came I was enchained
In a demon’s keep

But baby now it’s good, to be alive
I can never lose no matter how hard I try
They say that alone the bird is free
And a wing on the wind is all he needs

You’re the one on whom I depend
You’re the one that gave me more
You’re the one that saved me
You're the one that's here to the end
You’re the one who stays the course
Even when I’m crazy
You’re the one

There are those who take everything they see
Pick the bones til there’s nothing left of me
And so I’ve learned that I get burned
In my time of need

Baby now I’ve finally realised
I’m a ticket in the wind without you by my side
They say we all need someone to hold onto
And there’s nobody better for me than you

Oh now it’s always give and take
You can only bend so far before you surely break
But I know we can carry the weight
And it gets a little lighter everyday

You’re the one