Leigh is an Australian based singer/songwriter/guitarist, with a lengthy history performing in both the Melbourne indie scene and  cover scene. Over the years Leigh has performed with various bands and as a solo artist, has been involved in national tours, pub circuits,  has played live on JJJ Radio, and has been a constant live venue performer.  Recently, Leigh has returned to writing, recording and releasing his own material, which could be described as guitar based, melodic pop/rock, ranging from heavy and beat driven, to softer and sometimes poignant ballads. Whilst Leigh's music is highly accessible lyrically and rhythmically on a surface level, carrying swooning, catchy melodies and guitar hooks,  it is also rich in metaphor and deeper undercurrents exploring  psychological and emotional human circumstances. 

Leigh has now released a solid collection of singles, each receiving solid  radio airplay and indie chart success throughout Australia and overseas, with several accompanying music videos. Whilst being a constant live performer over many years, with the current situation, Leigh is now performing several live stream events across social media every week to an enthusiastic and loyal following.

"Find My way" charts number 4 on Amrap chart!


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Melbourne, Australia-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Leigh Thomas is on a creative tear. Making music has been part of his DNA for most of his life, and after several years playing lead guitar for Melbourne guitar pop band Jericho, Leigh embarked on a solo endeavor, honing his craft through performing and gigging pretty much non-stop. Beginning with the release of his debut single “Something to Be” in late 2019, he’s since dropped an impressive string of excellent singles. His 15th and latest is “Find My Way”, a hauntingly beautiful song about a lost love, and the quest to reunite with her, though it’s not entirely clear whether it’s to be physically or only in spirit. For the recording of the track, Leigh sang vocals and played guitars, Sam Thomas played bass, drums and synths, and Joe Adhemar played Hammond and Fender Rhodes organ. All three musicians are masters of their respective instruments, crafting a dramatic soundscape for Leigh’s resonant vocals that are overflowing with emotional intensity. It’s a brilliant track!

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