June 2021

Hey everyone! I hope you all are well. Plenty of news coming up but I will start by thanking you all for subscribing, and welcome to my new subscribers. It means a lot to have you here.


                   This week I have several online gigs to perform, although live venue gigs are still proving slow to recover as they do after each lock down. On Saturday June 26 I have a live 30 minute set airing on Facebook for Sounds On The Couch, a Melbourne based music forum. On Sunday, AEST, I perform a 30 minute set for VirtualFest 2021 streamed via YouTube world wide, and following that, a 15 minute set for Rock The Dream, streamed via Instagram worldwide. Times and links to each show can be found on my website on the "Shows" page. Prior to these I will be doing a few "pop-up" practice sets on my Instagram page during the week.


                     My next single "Take It All The Way" is now set for release on July 16. I am very excited with the result from recording this track and I am about to embark on the most comprehensive pre-release campaign yet. I hope to secure good press and radio coverage world wide with this release. I have also made available the unreleased studio version of 'If You Were Mine'. This song is an epic power ballad and has proven popular in live performances, however I decided not to release it as a single, instead making it available only as a download for purchase. It is available on my website via the "Store" page, and can be purchased for $3. The song will then be emailed with cover art, liner note and lyrics.  I would be grateful for any purchases and sincerely thank those who have already done so. It is an amazing gesture and will help me continue to make music, and maybe get a haircut!

That's about it for now! Once again thank you for your support in listening, sharing, attending shows and just being here! Take care and chat soon.



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