Hi everyone

                            The last few weeks have been hectic with writing and recording sessions, as well as live streams and my first live gig since March. My main focus at this moment is the release of my final single for the year, 'Decent Guy'. This song is a real departure from my usual approach, being a melancholic ballad with just vocal, acoustic guitar, double bass and strings. Only a handful of people have heard the song, but the response has been quite overwhelming, enough for me to decide on releasing it as a single. Unfortunately, the timeline has been tight, and not nearly enough promotion will go into the track prior to release date.I guess I am relying on the strength of the song, and my listeners, to generate some interest and give it some momentum. I will post a new blog later this week, but release date is scheduled for Thursday, December 10. The new blog will feature a pre-save link. Stay tuned!!


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