MAY 2021

Hey folks!

Great to be checking in with you again, and welcome to my newest subscribers, I am very grateful to have you here! I hope you are all well and looking forward to getting back out to the real…



A busy couple of months with the release of 'Decent Guy', much song writing and recording new tracks, a lot of radio airplay and live streams. New songs being worked on include 'Rain', and a new ballad titled 'If You…



Hi everyone

                            The last few weeks have been hectic with writing and recording sessions, as well as live streams and my first live gig since March. My main focus at this moment is the release of my final single for…


November 23rd

Well quite a lot happening at the moment! A few recording sessions completed over the last two weeks with 'What It Takes' and 'Something About You' both done and currently being mixed and mastered. I am leaning towards 'Something About…



Hey everyone!

                             I just thought I would post an update. Firstly, getting more engagement here is really important to me. More than social media, I feel this to be my personal place to share with those who are genuinely interested…