MAY 2021

Hey folks!

Great to be checking in with you again, and welcome to my newest subscribers, I am very grateful to have you here! I hope you are all well and looking forward to getting back out to the real world! Speaking of which, I have begun the road back to live venue gigs, with my first at The Starbar in Traralgon last Friday night, and more to come! I will post dates here on the website so keep checking in and if I am in your area, I would love to see you out in person. In other news, I have just completed recording a new song titled "Take It all The Way" and I am very excited to release this one sometime over the next month. I still have a number of completed tracks not yet released, but I am still deciding whether to release them to streaming platforms, or have them as exclusive EP or purchase tracks. All of my tracks are now available to purchase via the "Store" page here, in case you would like to own the tracks rather than stream them. Streaming statistics are continuing to grow at a fantastic rate, and radio airplay is continuing to increase worldwide also. 

In terms of live performance, as mentioned, I anticipate booking and playing more venue gigs in the coming future, both regional and metro, as well as interstate. I am currently in the process of building my live sound with the use of electric guitar, drum tracks and live looped tracks, to bring a fuller sound more in line with my recordings. I will also continue to perform live stream gigs, although I will be investigating ways to monetize, which may involve seeking tips and donations to my Paypalme account. Unfortunately now Jobkeeper is done, I need to return to earning a living, and hope that small contributions will be enough to keep me going and producing new music. 

Once again, thank you to all who have purchased, streamed, attended live performances, shared and subscribed. I am grateful to you all for allowing me to do what I do. I ask you again to share and get your friends to subscribe here also. Keep an eye on this site and my socials for more news and upcoming releases. 

Thanks for reading! Take care and chat soon.


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