Hey everyone!

                             I just thought I would post an update. Firstly, getting more engagement here is really important to me. More than social media, I feel this to be my personal place to share with those who are genuinely interested in my work, and truly hope to engage with you on a much more intimate level. By this I mean sharing my perspectives on music, my songwriting, and getting your views on such things. I hope you can message me and let me know if you are reading these blogs and give me your responses. The other aspect of this is to sign up to my mailing list, and encourage your friends to listen to my work, and sign up too! I really don't like sales pitches, and only request these things if you feel strongly enough to take action out of your own desires, but no harm in reminding! Anyway, on with the latest news! Last week and next week see me back to Melbourne to undertake recording sessions for two new songs, 'What It Takes' and 'Something About You'. I am very excited about both of these songs, and feel very confident going into recording them. Both are very personal songs and both see a real progression in my songwriting. Also, both have received fantastic responses from live stream performances, albeit solo acoustic renditions. Deciding on which will be my next single is a dilemma, and I also have a track called 'Slow Burn' recorded, which adds to the decision making. That aside, I have decided to release a hard copy CD of my initial recordings, from 'Something To Be', to 'Lightning', including all releases in between, and a couple of unreleased tracks. The Cd is titled 'Blue Yonder', and will be available to purchase for a modest fee, here on my website only. More details to come, but I hope to have it available in the next couple of weeks. Briefly, streaming, radio airplay and general hype have been amazing over the last few weeks, for "Miss Me' and also 'Lightning', which has exploded with a new lease of life as it reaches overseas audiences. I am quite amazed at the response, and it seems surreal because to me it is now several releases old. 

                   So for the next few weeks, rehearsals for full band gigs continues. I hope to be ready to give my songs the full treatment live, in the first half of 2021. More songwriting, to build and strengthen my repertoire, and continued marketing to gather more dedicated listeners and supporters. Live streams both for Australian and overseas fans on both Facebook, Instagram and Zoom will continue. I truly hope to gather more listeners, for my motivation is to give the gift of music to the world, in my own unique way, and hope that these listeners are rewarded with the same life changing or at least life enhancing experiences that I myself receive from music.

                       Thank you for being part of this, for reading, for stopping by, for loving music. Stay tuned for more music and more news!!


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